Monday, March 12, 2012

“Somebody Left the Gate Open”

It’s nice to see the marketing team for Citibank decided to strive for authenticity with its on-going TV campaign for the Citibank ThankYou card. The 30-sec. spot shows professional climber Katie Brown on Fisher Towers in Utah, but only after she equipped her climb with climbing gear described as "... a new belt, some nylons, and what girl wouldn't need new shoes?" – all thanks to her ThankYou Premier card.

Accompanying her is climber Alex Honnold who correspondent Lara Logan interviewed on CBS 60 Minutes last October. Climbers Colin Haley and Beth Rodden also auditioned for the spot but didn’t make the cut.

The ad team responsible for the spot also scored big hiring the group LP whose song, “Into the Wild,” contains the infectious refrain, “Somebody Left the Gate Open.”

You can hear the song here:

See the Citibank commercial here:

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