Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Longest Rickshaw Journey

It's more of a feat than an expedition, but we admire his pluck ...

London-based adventurer Tim Moss has just been awarded the Guinness World Record for the World’s Longest Rickshaw Ride, for his 856-mile rickshaw journey in 2010 from Aviemore, Scotland to West Molesey, England to raise awareness for Special Olympics Great Britain. He actually pedaled 1,000 in 31-days but the Guinness folks didn't count his visit to his parents.

The rickshaw Moss used for his attempt was a second-hand, box-standard, three-wheeled rickshaw, capable of carrying passengers. Throughout his journey, he visited several Special Olympics locations as his journey was made to raise money for Special Olympics Great Britain. He rode solo for most of his journey, but did, on occasion, pick up a passenger or two.

The distance between Aviemore and London is only 529 miles as the crow flies but Moss planned a scenic route, visiting all of Special Olympic GB’s 19 regions and many of its 135 clubs and meeting its athletes and volunteers along the way.

For nearly 35 years, Special Olympics Great Britain has been providing daily, year-round sports training and competition programmes in England, Scotland and Wales for children and adults with learning disabilities of all ability levels (learning disabilities are also known as intellectual disabilities indicating someone with an IQ of 75 or lower).

Special Olympics is the third member of the Olympic family and is often confused with the Paralympics which is for elite disabled athletes. Both are Olympics and both are Special.

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