Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Yorker Returns From Three Years at Sea

Reid Stowe, 58, sailed into Manhattan on June 17 on the two-masted schooner Anne after 1,152 days at sea.

"This is a new human experience," he said after docking. "And no one understands what I did physically, mentally or spiritually."

He began his journey with his girlfriend Soanya Ahmed in April 2007, departing from Hoboken, N.J. But a little less than year into the journey she became pregnant and had to return home due to morning sickness. She gave birth to little Darshen in July 2008.

"Before we left, we had an agreement that if I had to get off for any reason, he would go on," Ahmad said. "I knew if he came back and didn't finish the voyage, he would just go back again. There was no way he wasn't going to finish it."

This was the first time Stowe set eyes on his son, who turns 2 in July. While the toddler slept in his mother's arms, other family members, including Stowe's five brothers and sisters and his mother, greeted him with open arms.

"It was because of family love and I dedicate this voyage to my mom and dad," he said.

Over 40 media from around the world covered his arrival.

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